Units of Study

ARPH4011 - Archaeology (Prehist/Historical) Hons A

Semester 2, 2011  |  Credit Points: 12

Coordinator: Roland J Fletcher


Available only to students who commenced Archaeology (Prehistoric and Historical) Honours prior to 2010


All of the major components of the Honours year will be assessed


Semester 1: one 2 hour class per week, one 2 hour weekly seminar;
Semester 2: one 2 hour weekly seminar


(a) Credit results in ARPH3692 (Archaeological Research Principles) and ARPH3693 (Archaeological Practice) (or equivalent); (b) Credit results in two of the following units: ARPH2614 (Archaeological Methods), ARPH2602 (Scientific Analysis of Materials), ARPH2617 (Analysis of Stone Technology), ARPH3690 (Archaeological Applications of Computing) (or equivalent); (c) Credit results in two of the following units: ARPH2006 (Australian Archaeology), ARPH2605 (The Archaeology of Modern Times), ARPH2612 (Historical Archaeology), ARPH2611 (Archaeology of Asia), ARPH2603 (The Archaeology of Society), ARPH2616 (Public Archaeology), ARHT2641 (Art & Archaeology of SE Asia) (or equivalent); (d) Credit average in any two other Senior Archaeology or Heritage Studies units (including those in the lists above). Due to curriculum review students may be admitted to Honours, at the discretion of the Department, if they have Credit results in equivalent Archaeology units previously taught but now discontinued.

Additional Information

All intending Honours students should complete ARCA3600 Archaeological Research Principles.

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