New publication series: Power Polemics

By Amelia Kelly

15 February, 2012

The Power Institute is delighted to announce major support for a new series of books to be produced by Power Publications over the next five years. 

We are delighted to announce that we have received generous support from a private foundation for a major new series of Power Publications entitled Power Polemics. The series will involve the commissioning and publishing of five new studies that are designed to answer to Baudelaire’s famous brief for art criticism, that it should be ‘Partial, Passionate and Political’. We will be asking major global figures in art history, philosophy, and criticism to write short polemical works addressing new and sometimes controversial ideas in the visual arts. This series aims to capture the same sense of the urgent excitement of visual art and its relevance to contemporary life that permeated some of our most significant earlier publications and translations, including those by Baudrillard and Derrida. This series will maintain Power’s proud and significant record of publications that present challenging and vital ideas. In the course of the next few months we hope to announce the names and schedules for the first volumes in the series. 

Contact:Emma White
Phone:61 2 9351 7324