Department of Art History

The Department of Art History at the University of Sydney is the only university in New South Wales to teach a breadth and depth of art from across the world and through many centuries, as well as focus on the relationship between the still and moving image.

The Department coordinates the Art History program which you can explore on these pages, and also co-coordinates the Film Studies and Museum and Heritage Studies programs.

The Department was founded in 1967 as part of the Power Institute of Fine Arts and teaching began in 1968. For the decade following, it was still feasible to regard its central discipline as the history of painting, sculpture and architecture of Europe (with some reference to Australia). Since then, the Department has responded not only to radical transformations in the nature of art history itself, but to the explosion of 'visual studies' into the areas of film, television and the computer, into photography, design, costume, style and cultural studies. The Department has also responded to its geographical and cultural location by introducing the study of Aboriginal and Asian Art.

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