Frequently Asked Questions about the Christie’s London Internship

What are the dates of the internship?
The internship will be of 8 weeks duration to be taken within the May to­ July 2016 period.

What counts as a related discipline for art history?
Museum & Heritage Studies, Archaeology, Film Studies, Digital Cultures and Media and Communication studies students may take units that relate to visual art. Business at Christie’s centrally involves artworks in traditional media (painting, sculpture, photography, modern mixed media), however, and anyone applying for this internship would need to have a demonstrable critical understanding of such media.

I am a current Postgraduate or Honours Student but will leave the University before the internship period. May I apply?
Yes, current Postgraduate and Honours Students may apply, even if the internship will take place after their course is completed.

Can the internship get credited to my degree?
The internship can be credited to those enrolled in the University’s Museum Studies, Museum and Heritage Studies, Art Curatorship or Art Curating Masters or Graduate Diploma courses, which currently allow internship units to be credited.
While candidates enrolled in other degree programs may apply to do this internship, it will not be credited to their degree.
Students being credited for the internship will need to complete the internship assessments required for their degree.

Will my study be disrupted by the requirement to be overseas for two months?
The internship will be of 8 weeks duration to be taken within the May to July period. The exact timing will be decided with Christie's and you course co-ordinator, in consideration of your timetable/enrollments in Semester 1. The internship might entail student absence for a number of teaching weeks in Semester 1. Appropriate measures will be put in place to solve any possible coursework attendance or submission issues.

What visa arrangements will be needed?
It is your responsibility to apply for any necessary visa before you travel. Christie's will act as sponsor for a graduate working visa for the duration of your internship with them.
We also advise that you:

  • obtain travel insurance;
  • seek medical advice well in advance of your travel;
  • consult the Australian Government’s travel advice website,

What insurance cover does an intern need?
Christie's will insure the intern at the workplace. However, all Students will need to make arrangements to purchase personal insurance cover for travel, personal possessions, health emergency, etc.

Can I apply directly to Christie’s?
No, applications for this internship must come through the University of Sydney according to the process outlined on the website.

Do I have to be in Sydney for the interview?
We would strongly prefer students to be available in person on the 18/19 November for interview. We will make arrangements to conduct the interview by Skype link, however, if shortlisted candidates are overseas or otherwise legitimately unable to attend in person.

May I defer the internship if my personal circumstances change and I cannot make the dates?
It will not be possible to defer the internship. If the successful candidate is unable to take up the internship, then the opportunity will pass to the reserve candidate. It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that all visa paperwork is in place and that their travel documentation is up to date at the time of travel.

What is the selection panel looking for in the letter of motivation?
A statement of motivation is a written personal statement about you. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the qualities that make you particularly suitable to participate in the program and to be an outstanding ambassador of the University. Your statement should also contain the following:

  • the reasons for applying to the program;
  • a reflection on your academic and personal achievements to date;
  • an account of the way you would approach a role in which you were an ambassador for the University and
  • an outline of any previous travel, study or living abroad experiences.

What are likely accommodation and living expenses in London?
Precise costs will vary according to type of accommodation chosen, etc. The UK government has made it a requirement of some international exchange schemes that students need to prove they have access to 800 GBP per month (approximately $1260 AUD at today’s rates) to cover rent and bills and living expenses. A truer figure might be somewhere between 1200-1500 GBP, ($1890-2360 AUD) per month. Some useful guidance on living and key expenses may be found at websites including

Will the successful intern work with a nominated supervisor at Christie’s?
Christie's have well-established intern coordination structures and dedicated personnel. The successful candidate will be put in touch with Christie's within weeks of accepting the internship and a supervisor will be appointed to monitor and assist the intern from the beginning of the internship.

What counts as a strong academic track record?
A minimum of a credit result in all subjects taken would be considered a strong track record.

Will I get some written recognition of the internship (i.e a certificate or letter of participation)?
Our Christie's intern will receive a Certificate of Participation (non-accredited). If the internship is being taken for credit as part of a University of Sydney degree, documentation of participation and assessment will be available. A successful intern may also ask Christie's for a letter of reference.

What is the nature of the ‘journal or blog’ that I may need to keep?
We request that our Christie's interns keep a written journal of their internship while it is taking place. This would be submitted after the internship to the University for their records and understanding of the Christie's internships. Also, the University will request a one-off piece of writing to be done after the internship, which may be made publicly available on a University web page.

How do I apply for an Honours or postgraduate course at Sydney University?
Course application information can be found at:

How do I provide evidence that I have applied for a course at the University of Sydney in 2016?
When you are apply through the University's Courses Online as a postgraduate or an Honours student, you will be given a reference number. Enter this reference number on the Internship Application Form.