Information Sessions for MUSM7004 and MUSM7005

It is compulsory to attend an internship information session at the beginning of the semester in which you are enrolled in an internship unit, MUSM7004 or MUSM7005. This session will outline the requirements and processes of the internship, including the process of obtaining an internship and the assessments.

In Semester 1 2014 the information session will be in March at a time and date to be advised. Early in the semester, students who are enrolled in an internship unit will be notified of this session by email. If you plan to undertake an internship unit in S2 2014 and would like to attend the session for your early information, you would be most welcome. Please email Internship Officer for the session details.

You must not apply to institutions for an internship until you have attended this information session, or have met with the Internship Officer, to discuss your intended application.