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ARHT5902 - Art Writing

Semester 2, 2011  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Catriona Deirdre Moore


Australian Art writing/criticism: theories and methods. The unit explores the varieties of art writing, particularly those which engage with the ongoing production of art and its institutions. This will be pursued through:
(i) a study of the practice of individual critics of modern art;
(ii) examination of the work of recent and current art writers, particularly in Australia;
(iii) direct practice in a number of different writing genres. The results of (i) and (ii) will be presented in the form of both class papers and essays; (iii) will take the form of writing exercises with stipulated frameworks.


1x4000wd total essay and seminar paper (100%)


ARHT5902 Course reader
Recommended Readings:
Bernard Smith (with Terry Smith), Australian Painting, Oxford University Press 4th ed 2001
Andrew Sayers, Australian Art, OUP 2001
Joan Kerr, Heritage: The National Women's Art Book, CUP, Sydney 1995
Ian Burn et al, The Necessity of Art: An Essay About Interpretation, Power Publications 1988
Ben Genocchio, The Art of Persuasion: Australian Art Criticism 1958-2001, Craftsman House, Sydney 2003
Rex Butler (ed), Radical Revisionism in Australian Art, IMA 2005


1x2-hr seminar/week

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