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ARHT5908 - The Business of Art

Semester 1, 2011  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Catriona Deirdre Moore


This unit of study introduces students to historical and theoretical perspectives on changing notions of value (aesthetic and monetary) in art markets, conflicts of interest in collecting and exhibiting works of art, ethical issues invloved in corporate sponsorship of exhibitions and prizes, corporate museums, funding issues in the private and public sectors, the rise of satellite museum collections (in places like Bilbao and Las Vegas), the relationship between art museums and tourism, and corporate justification of interventions in the art world.


4x250wd blog postings and oral presentation on research project (30%),1x2500wd essay (70%)


ARHT5908 Course Reader
Recommended reading:
Mark W Rectanus, 'Culture Incorporated:Museums, Artists and Corporate Sponsorship' (University of Minnesota Press, 2002)
Chin-tao Wu, 'Privatising Culture:Corporate Art Intervention since the 1980s' (Verson, 2003)


1x2-hr seminar/week

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