Postgraduate Research Programs

The Department offers research degrees in art history, film and museum studies.

A program of research degrees in heritage studies is offered by the Department of Archeology. Further information can be found on the Faculty pages.

Art History and Film Studies

The Department offers the following research degrees in Art History and Film:

Language Requirement for Postgraduates (Research)

All students intending to enrol in postgraduate research degrees in the Department should be aware that general proficiency in the relevant language or languages is a requirement for research conducted into the visual arts and media of any culture.

Students proposing to undertake research in areas requiring specific language competence in a language other than English should demonstrate this by either providing evidence of a course or courses undertaken to the level of first year introductory level course in the relevant language at a tertiary institution, or equivalent, or by indicating their willingness to undertake and complete such a course in the first year of their candidature.

Summer School offers beginners course in some languages – check the Related Information link on the right of this page.

Museum Studies

The Department also offers the following research degrees in Museum Studies:

The Museum Studies research programs involve independent research work and the preparation of a thesis under the supervision of the Coordinator of the program, and other academic staff in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. These research programs will specifically cater for research students interested in the role of the museum in social change; museum history and museology; museums and public culture as well as museums and the politics of representation.

Museum Studies currently attracts students from discplines including History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Education and Art History and Theory. Research in Museum Studies is, however, rarely confined to any one of these disciplines.

Research students are involved in monthly reading groups, where students are given the chance to focus the readings on their own areas of interest. The group also provides a forum for more general museological issues. All students are encouraged to participate in wider forums such as national and international conferences, for which research grants may be obtained.


Applicants for Postgraduate Research degrees are expected to have a clear idea of the kind of topic they are intending to pursue. This topic must be broadly within the range of research expertise of members of the Department. You need to consult the Postgraduate Coordinator who will direct you to potential supervisors in the Department and to whom you will need to submit a research proposal.

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