Research Interests of the Department


Associate Professor Jennifer Barrett

  • museums and the international public sphere, museum history and politics, cultural public spheres and public space, art and culture.
  • Australian Artists and Museums (with Jacqueline Millner, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney. Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Visual Arts Board (New Work Program 2005 and Presentation and Promotion Program 2009)
  • Museums, human rights, universalism and democracy: International Council of Museums, Federation of Human Rights Museums and the Universal Museums.
  • Cultural policy and ‘the new museum’
  • Research Networks: 2010 International Society, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Professor Roger Benjamin

  • French Orientalist art, 1880-1930, including Renoirs Algerian work, and a study of the Algerian oasis resort of Biskra in literature, painting and photography
  • The art of Matisse, including an essay on his 1906 masterpiece Le Bonheur de Vivre
  • The interpretation of contemporary Indigenous Australian art. This includes a curatorial project on early Papunya boards and their aftermath, c. 1971 c 1985, for the Actus Foundation of New York (opening at Cornell University Gallery in January 2006)
  • Contemporary Australian painting

Dr Keith Broadfoot

  • Modernism
  • Australian art/film
  • Theories of spectatorship

Dr Bruce Isaacs

  • Film Aesthetics: the legitimacy of ‘Film Style’
  • Realism and Spectacle
  • American Cinema: Classical Hollywood/Hollywood Renaissance (late 60s to Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, 1979)/Hollywood High Concept Cinema
  • Auteur Theory, Independence, New Aesthetic Sensibilities
  • Digital Cinema and Aesthetics: ‘Future Cinema’
  • Film Production Practice – with a focus on screenwriting as a literary and cinematic form

Dr Louise Marshall

  • Italian Renaissance plague images, with a particular focus on the process of intercession and the protective role of images in coping with the experience of bubonic plague.
  • The imagery and cult of St. Sebastian as 'alter Christus' ('another' or 'second Christ').
  • St. Nicholas of Tolentino as a 'failed' plague saint.
  • Reading the body in the late drawings of Michelangelo Buonarotti

Professor Jennifer Milam

  • Eighteenth-Century Studies
  • Rococo Art and Architecture
  • European Garden History
  • History of Art Patronage, Collecting and Sponsorship
  • Intellectual History and the Visual

Dr Catriona Moore

  • Comparative study of women modernist artists in the pre- and inter-war years from selected British Dominions and new republics (primarily New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and tangentially India)
  • Contemporary feminist art and writing
  • Contemporary Australian art

Dr Chiara O'Reilly

  • Nineteenth century history of exhibitions, the museums of Australia and Europe, the Paris Salon and the role of the Museum in shaping ideas of identity.
  • supervision includes exhibition theory, development and history of museums, French and Australian Museums as well as ideas of landscape and preservation.

Assocciate Professor Mary Roberts

  • European, especially British, art of the Nineteenth Century
  • Gender, Orientalism, the history and culture of travel
  • Development of Ottoman art in the Nineteenth Century and cultural exchange with European artists

Dr Richard Smith

  • "The Digital Apparatus" is a research project that will test a range of methodologies for thinking through the relation between technology and thought in film production, criticism and theory. It is particularly interested in the idealist-materialist tussle within general theories of film.
  • The Go Concept. Richard Smith is co-author of a documentary about sophistication. Seeking AFC O Strand funding of 20,000. Script submitted March 2005. AFC decides on successful applicants in May 2005.