Publications of Staff Members

Associate Professor Jennifer Barrett

  • [Catalogue Essay] ‘Lux and Lumen’ Helen Kenned, Australian Galleries, August, 2010
  • [Book] Museums and the Public Sphere, Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Oxford, 2010
  • [Paper] ‘Museums: A public affair?’, Articu8, Writing and Cultural Studies Seminar Program, University of Technology Sydney March 20, 2009
  • [Paper] ‘Australian Artists and the Museum’ at Queensland University Art Museum, for Museums and Gallery Services Queensland, August 2009
  • [Article] with J. Millner, ‘Australian Artists and the Museum’ Museums and Gallery Services Queensland, August 2009
  • [Essay] ‘Protecting the Past, safeguarding the future: Museum studies, the profession and museum practice in Australia’, D. Griffin, L. Paroissien and M. Anderson (eds) Museums in Australia: 1975-2007, National Museum of Australia, Canberra, (forthcoming)
  • [Paper] ‘Educating a profession’ History of Museums in Australia: A Symposium, National Museum of Australia, December 2007
  • [Catalogue Essay] with S. Carlin, Spare Room–Installations by Jayne Dyer, Sue Pedley and Susan Andrews at Elizabeth Bay House, Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales, Sydney, July-September 2007.
  • [Paper] with J. Petersen, ‘The Museum, Democracy and Domesticity: Who’s in whose web?’ Museums Australia Conference 2007, Canberra, May 2007
  • [Essay] with P. McManus, ‘Civilising Nature: Museums and the Environment’, G. Birch (ed), Water Wind Art Debate: Researching Environmental Concerns, University of Sydney Press, 2007, pp. 319-344.

Professor Roger Benjamin

  • [ACADEMIC HONOURS/GRANTS] Actus Foundation (New York City) grant to support the teaching of Aboriginal art over four years at the University of Sydney (2003-2006, US$4,800 total); Actus Foundation grant to support a curatorial and research assistant for Icons of the Desert: Early Aboriginal Paintings from Papunya, 2004-2007 (AU$12,000 per annum)
  • [CURRENT PROJECT] Academic editor of Juan Davila: Works 1970-2006, a retrospective exhibition organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Touring to the National Gallery of Victoria. Accompanying book published by Melbourne University Publishing (Miegunyah Press) in association with MCA.
  • [PUBLICATIONS: CONTEMPORARY ART] “Crossing country: The alchemy of Western Arnhem Land art in Sydney”, (review), Art Monthly Australia, December 2004-February 2005, no. 176, pp. 12-15. (2,500 words).
  • [PUBLICATION: HISTORICAL STUDIES]*“Andalusia In The Time Of The Moors: Regret and Colonial Presence in Paris, 1900,” in Edges of Empire: Orientalism and Visual Culture, Jocelyn Hackforth-Jones and Mary Roberts, eds., Blackwells Publishers, Oxford, forthcoming mid-2005
  • [MEDIA REPORT] Interview for ABC Television’s 7:30 Report on French Masters from the Musée Léon Dierx with Jocelyn Nettlefold, 9 March 2005.
  • [CURRENT PROJECT] *“Landscape in Collioure”, in Matisse in the Statens Museum for Kunst, Kasper Monrad and Sven Bjerkhof, eds., Copenhagen, September 2005
  • [PUBLICATION: HISTORICAL STUDIES]*“Orientalism, Modernism and Indigenous Identity”, Art of the Avant-Gardes, book 2 of Art of the Twentieth Century, eds. Steve Edwards and Paul Wood, Yale University Press in association with The Open University, New Haven and London, 2004, pp. 84-107.
  • [PAPERS/GUEST LECTURE] “The Port of Algiers and Topographies of Power”, paper at Walls of Algiers, A Getty Research Institute Workshop, 22-27 May 2004, Los Angeles.
  • [PAPERS/GUEST LECTURE] “Cézanne and radical still life practice”, The Impressionists, Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay, Symposium, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 19 June 2004.
  • [PAPERS/GUEST LECTURE] Repeated as one of two talks in An Impressionist Evening, with Dr. Ted Gott (NGV), Alumni and Friends of the Power Institute, 31 August 2004

Dr Keith Broadfoot

  • [JOURNAL ARTICLE] 2002 ‘Perspective Yet Again: Damisch with Lacan’, Oxford Art Journal, Vol. 25, No. 1
  • [JOURNAL ARTICLE] 2002 ‘Abstraction and Aura’, South Atlantic Quarterly, Vol. 101, No. 2
  • [BOOK CHAPTER] 2002 ‘A Fold in Time: Anne MacDonald and the Origin of Photography’, Value Added Goods, ed. Stuart Koop, CCP Publications, Melbourne,
  • [JOURNAL ARTICLE] 2001 ‘Las Meninas and the King’s Two Bodies’, Word and Image, Vol. 17. No. 3
  • [CATALOGUE ESSAY] 2001 Su Baker Exhibition Boutwell Gallery
  • [BOOK CHAPTER] 2001 ‘The End of the Line: Installation Art Today’, What is Installation: An anthology of writings on Australian Installation art, ed. Adam Geczy and Benjamin Genocchio, Power Publications, Sydney
  • [JOURNAL ARTICLE] 2000‘In the Name of Painting’,Postwest, No. 16.
  • [BOOK CHAPTER] 2000 ‘Before and After Pollock’, Refracting Vision: essays on the writings of Michael Fried, ed. Jill Beaulieu, Mary Roberts and Toni Ross, Power Publications, Sydney
  • [JOURNAL ARTICLE] 1999‘Landscape as Blank: Australian Art after the Monochrome’, Australian Journal of Art, Vol. XIV, No. 2
  • [CATALOGUE ESSAY] 1999 ‘In the Mirage of Memory’, Debra Dawes, Sherman Galleries.
  • [BOOK CHAPTER] 1999 ‘After the Field’, Reflections on Geometric Painting, ed. Nicholas Tsoutas, Artspace Publications, Sydney

Dr Bruce Isaacs

  • [BOOK] Toward a New Film Aesthetic. New York: Continuum Press International, 2008.
  • ‘Reification of Spectacle: The Orientation of Future Cinema’. In Matthew Kapell and Steven McVeigh (eds.), Blockbuster Auteur: Themes in the Cinema of James Cameron. McFarland Press – Contracted for publication, 2011.
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  • ‘Screening Australia: Samson and Delilah’. Screen Education 54 (2009): 12-17.
  • ‘The Birth of a Nation’. Metro 161 (June 2009): 35-40.[Non-refereed]
  • ‘The Cinematic Real: Aesthetics and Spectacle’. Sydney Studies in English (October, 2007): 96-124.
  • ‘A Survey of Popular and Scholarly Receptions of the Star Wars Franchise’. In Matthew Kapell and John Shelton Lawrence (eds.), Finding the Force in the Star Wars Franchise. New York and Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2006.
  • ‘Non-Linear Narrative’. In Nicholas Rombes (ed.), New-Punk Cinema. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press, 2005: 126-139.
  • [With Theodore Trost] ‘Story, Product, Franchise: Images of Postmodern Cinema’. In William Doty and Matthew Kapell (eds.). Jacking in to the Matrix Franchise: Cultural Reception and Interpretation. New York: Continuum Press International, 2004: 65-83.
  • ‘Popular Postmodernism: The Cultural Logic of The Matrix’. New Media Poetics 3 (May 2004).

Dr Louise Marshall

  • “La costruzione di un santo contro la peste: il caso di Nicola da Tolentino” in San Nicola da Tolentino nell’arte. Corpus iconografico. Vol. 1: Dalle origini al Concilio di Trento, ed. V. Pace and R. Tollo, Milan: Biblioteca egidiana and Federico Motta, 2005, 103-13
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    cat. 222, pp. 344-5, San Nicola da Tolentino, Sesto Calende, oratorio di San Vincenzo, Antonio de Mozis
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  • “Manipulating the Sacred: Image and Plague in Renaissance Italy”, Renaissance Quarterly, 47, 1994, 485-532

Professor Jennifer Milam

  • [Refereed conference paper] “Object Lessons: Online Exhibitions and Art-Historical Instruction”, College Art Associations 93rdAnnual Conference, Atlanta (February 2005)
  • [Refereed conference paper] “Miming Play: Picturing Amusement in Rococo Decorative Panels”, College Art Associations 93rd Annual Conference, Atlanta (February 2005)
  • [Article/Essay/Book Chapter] “Play between disciplines: the problem of the ludic in rococo art and Enlightenment culture” in The Interdisciplinary Century: Tensions and Convergences in 18th-Century Art, History and Literature (Oxford: The Voltaire Foundation, 2005), 102-113.
  • [Refereed conference paper] “Play and Nonsense: the Meaningful Excess of Rococo Form”, Art and Excess Symposium, Australian National University (November 2004)
  • [Refereed conference paper] “Rococo Art: A Playful Aesthetic”, Columbia University Institute for Scholars at Reid Hall, Fellows Seminar (October 2003)
  • [Refereed conference paper] “Aesthetic Play in Rococo Art”, Columbia University Institute for Scholars at Reid Hall, International Workshop on Play in Eighteenth-Century France (November 2003)
  • [Book] Women, Art And The Politics Of Identity In Eighteenth-Century Europe, co-edited with Melissa Hyde, Ashgate Press, 2003.
  • [Article/Essay/Book Chapter] “Matronage and the direction of sisterhood: portraits of Madame Adélaïde” in Women, Art And The Politics Of Identity In Eighteenth-Century Europe, eds. Melissa Hyde and Jennifer Milam, Ashgate Press, 2003, chapter 6.
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Dr Catriona Moore

  • [JOURNAL ARTICLE] 2005 'Contemporary Australian Photography’, Art and Australia, March 2005 (in press; accepted March 2004)
  • [BOOK CHAPTER] 2005 ‘Margaret Preston At Home’, Radical Revisionism in Australian Art (ed Rex Butler) Brisbane: Institute of Modern Art, (in press; accepted January 2004)
  • [BOOK CHAPTER] 2004‘Hearts and Minds (will win the war)’, Criticism+Engagement+Thought: Biennale of Sydney, (Sydney: Artspace, 2004, 9-17 (with Jo Holder)
  • [EXHIBITION CATALOGUE] 2003 ‘Waltz in Matilda’, Meridian: Focus on Contemporary Australian Art, (Sydney: Museum of Contemporary Art, 2003, 24-27 (with Jo Holder)
  • [REVIEW] 2000 'Avant-Garde for Children', Eyeline, Autumn.
  • [REVIEW] 2000 ' Asia Pacific Triennial', Art and Australia, June.
  • [CATALOGUE ESSAY] 2000 'Stitched Up', Canberra Contemporary Art Space, July.
  • [REVIEW] 1999 'Going Glocal', Special APT issue of Realtime/MAAP99 Volume 2.
  • [JOURNAL ARTICLE] 1999 'Welcome to the Real World', Realtime, August.
  • [BOOK CHAPTER] 1999 'Back to the Future, Past/Present, eds. J. Kerr and J. Holder, Fine Arts Press.
  • [BOOK CHAPTER] 1998 'Feminism and the visual arts and crafts', Chapter in eds. B. Caine et. al., The Oxford Companion to Australian Feminism, OUP.

Dr Chiara O'Reilly

  • [Articles] "L’histoire dans le paysage. Paul Huet et le château de Pierrefonds", La Revue des Musées de France, Revue du Louvre, 1 Feb 2007, pp 69-74.
  • [Catalogue translation] Catalogue entries and artist biographies, French Paintings from the Musée Fabre, Montpellier, Michel Hilaire, Jörg Zutter and Olivier Zeder eds, National Gallery of Austyralia, 2003
  • [Catalogue essay] "Notes on the artists – Louis Auguste de Sainson, Ernest Goupil, Louis Le Breton and the Natural History Artists", Lure of the Southern Seas. The Voyages of Dumont d’Urville 1826-1840, Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales, 2002.
  • [Catalogue] Artist Biographies, Michelangelo to Matisse - Drawing the figure, Terence Maloon and Peter Raissis eds, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 1999.

Associate Professor Mary Roberts

  • [Chapters]“Cultural Crossings: sartorial adventures, satiric narratives and the question of indigenous agency in nineteenth-century Europe and the Near East”, in Edges of Empire, (In Press, 2005).
  • [Chapters]"Harem Portraiture: Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann and the Egyptian Princess Nazli Hanim", eds. Deborah Cherry and Janice Helland, Studio, Space and Sociality: New Narratives of Nineteenth-century Women Artists, Ashgate (In Press, 2005)
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  • [Journal Articles] 2000 'Being Drawn. Barbara Campbell's Inflorescent', Eyeline, No. 42, Autumn/Winter,

Dr Richard Smith

  • [Review Essay] “Film Aesthetics” Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy submitted April 1 2005. Commissioned Piece.
  • [Review Essay]"Criticism without Myth" Australian Humanities Review Issue 31-32 April 2004.
  • [Book]"The Brain is the Milieu: Speed, Politics and the Cosmopolitan Screen."Theory and Event April 2004
  • [Book] "The Philosopher with Two Brains." Published in Film-Philosophy. Deleuze Special Issue. Vol 5 No 34 November 2001. pp249-270.