Dr Michael Carter

  BA Dip Ed London
MA Birmingham
PhD Leeds

Research Interests

  • The study of costume and the history of European ideas of dress and clothing in general
  • The aesthetics of daily life in particular food, costume and vernacular design
  • Theory of ornament, decoration and style


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  • 2012 'Stuff and Nonsense: The Limits of the Linguistic Model of Clothing' in Fashion Theory, Volume 16, Number 3.
  • 2010 ‘Fashion and Adornment’ in The Fashion History Reader: Global Perspectives, eds. P. McNeil and Giorgio Riello, Berg, Oxford.
  • 2010 ‘J.C. Flugel’, James Laver’, and ‘Thorstein Veblen’.
    All entries in The Berg Companion to Fashion, ed. Valerie Steele, Berg, Oxford.
  • 2009 ‘Thomas Carlyle and Sartor Resartus’. In The Men’s Fashion Reader, eds. Peter McNeil and Vicki Karaminas, Berg, Oxford.
  • 2006 Michael Carter and Adam Geczy, Re-Framing Art, UNSW Press, Sydney.
  • 2006 Roland Barthes, The Language of Fashion, Power Publications and Berg. Eds. Andy Stafford and Michael Carter.
  • 2005 Review of Prosthetic Gods, Hal Foster, MIT Press in Art Monthly, October, 2005.
  • 2003 Fashion Classics From Carlyle to Barthes, Berg, Oxford.
  • 2000 ‘Superman’s Costume’ in Form/Work, University of Technology, Sydney.
  • 2000 Imaginary Materials: A Seminar with Michael Carter, ed. John Macarthur, IMA Publishing, Brisbane.