Welcome to the Department of Art History and Film Studies

Professor Mark Ledbury

Welcome to our Department, which is one of the most exciting and dynamic environments for learning on the campus. Art History and Film Studies may not be as familiar to you as other university subjects, but they have a distinguished pedigree here at Sydney. We’re proud to offer a very broad spectrum of engagement with art and visual culture from Medieval Italian manuscripts to Contemporary Asian installation as well as the study of the museums, galleries and institutions that play such a vital role in the art and culture of societies across the globe. My colleagues are active researchers and committed teachers. Students at all levels from undergraduate majors to those enrolled in higher research degrees benefit from the excellence of our resources and the added stimulus offered by the many activities of the Power Institute, which brings exciting speakers, events and publications to enrich the experience of every student here. We are as committed to the vital task of making sense of art and visual culture in today’s world, as we are to the deep understanding of the visual arts of cultures distant in place and time. We have world experts here, helping to further your knowledge of the exciting and diverse spectrum of visual arts. Study with us and you will be immersed in the historical and cultural diversity, complexity and relevance of art and film and well prepared to take on the opportunities that the world offers to visually literate, critical minds, in the cultural sector and beyond.