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  • Dialogues in Health Humanities[30 January 2015]

    You are invited to participate in a new Health Humanities research collaborative. The health humanities offer insights into the human condition as it pertains to the arts and sciences of healing and deepens understanding of disease and wellness, pain and suffering, personhood, the nature of death and dying, embodied experience, and the limits of technological knowledge. This collaborative will apply for node status with the Charles Perkins Centre.


  • Camera-Stylo: Intersections in Literature and Cinema - Call for Papers[30 January 2015]

    The Camera-Stylo conference proposes to explore conceptions of and intersections between the pen and the camera, word and image, page and screen – the literary and the cinematic. We aim to open up a lively debate on any and all ways in which literary and cinematic imagining informs or plays out within each medium.