Professor John Clark, FAHA, CIHA, PhD


Professor of Asian Art History, Australia Research Council Professorial Fellow
BA Lancaster, Postgraduate Certificate in Fine Art, Croydon College, PhD Sheffield

Room 214, RC Mills Building
Phone: 9351 2870
Fax: 9351 4212


  • Australian Centenary Medal, 2003
  • CIHA [Comité internationale de l'histoire d'art, membre supplémentaire] 2003
  • FAHA [Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities] 2001

Editorial Board Membership

  • Japanese Arts and Globalizations, University of California Los Angeles, since 2008
  • Asian Art Archives, Hong Kong, since 2002
  • Yishu: Chinese Contemporary Art, since 2001
  • The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia, since 1997
  • East Asian History, Australian, National University, since 1991

Research Interests

  • Modern Japanese Art since Meiji
  • Chinese academic painting and the avant-garde
  • The problems of modernity in art beyond Euramerica
  • Art in China and Thailand of the 1980s and 1990s
  • Biennales and contemporary Asian art
  • Re-defining 'The Asian Modern'


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  • [BOOK] 2010 Japanese Modernities in Art, 2 vols, in submission.
  • [BOOK] 2009 draft manuscript completed Histories of the Asian ‘New’: Biennales and Contemporary Asian Art.
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  • [SESSION CO-CHAIR] 2008, Session of ‘Parallel Conversions’, 30th CIHA, Melbourne
  • [VISITING PROFESSOR] 2007 Hulsewé-Wazniewski Visiting Professor, University of Leiden, The Netherlands
  • [CONFERENCE CONVENOR] 2004 February, Chair of Convenors, international conference on Our Modernities: Positioning Asian Art Now, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore.
  • [VISITING FELLOW] 2003 November and December, Visiting Fellow Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore.
  • [VISITING FELLOW] 2003 April and October Visiting Fellow, Centre for Comparative Cultural Research, Australian National University, Canberra
  • [SESSION CHAIR] 2000 complete session on ‘Other Modernities’ at 30th Congrés International de l’histoire de l’art, London
  • [PROJECT ORIGINATOR AND CO-CURATOR] 1998 Modern Boy, Modern Girl: Modernity in Japanese Art, 1910-1935, devised original idea and co-curator of this exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura, and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Introduction to the exhibition was the only English text translated into Japanese for the Kamakura exhibition.
  • [VISITING ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR] 1995-1996 February, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyôto.
  • [SESSION CHAIR] 1992 Satellite Session at the 28th International Congress of the History of Art, Berlin 1992
  • [CONFERENCE CONVENOR] 1991 Conference on Modernism and Postmodernism in Asian Art, Humanities Research Centre and Art History Department, Australian National University, March

Current Postgraduate Supervisions

Mathew Cox, PhD, Development Functions of Portraiture in Indonesia

Natalie Seiz, PhD, Modern art by women in Taiwan and their entrance into the art hierarchy

Amelia Groom, PhD, Time and Contemporary Art

Rhiannon Paget, PhD, provisional, Art Historical analysis of a Nihonga painter

Clare Veal, PhD, co-supervisor, The Role of Photography in the Production of Thai Identities, 1950-2010

Yvonne Low, PhD, Women Picturing Woman: A theoretical and historical study of gender and selfhood (Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia 1900-2000)