Information for First Years

Arts Network is here to help you feel like you belong, right from the word 'go', and to help you find out everything you need to know about getting started at Uni. Our mentoring program is a way of linking you up with other students in the Faculty who already know the ropes and are ready to share their knowledge and experience with you. It's also a great way to help you form your own network of friends, even before lectures begin!

How do I join in?

When you come to enrol at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in January you'll be given some more information about the program, along with a blue reservation form. You can reserve your place by completing the blue form and dropping it into the Arts Network 'blue' box.

After you've reserved your place and your enrolment is complete, you will need to confirm your place on the First Year Sign-Up page

When you register for the program we'll add your details to our list of Welcome Day participants and match you with one of our fantastic senior students who has volunteered to be a mentor. Your mentor will keep in touch with you over the first couple of weeks of the first semester to help you settle in.

NB: Once you have confirmed your place, do remember to check your email (and your letterbox too) over the next few weeks - we'll be sending you important details on exactly where and when to meet on our Welcome Day!

Arts Network Mentoring Program Welcome Day
Monday 24 February 2014
Everyone who registers for the program takes part in Welcome Day!

What other First Years say about mentoring

  • "The program is a great introduction to uni life. I made instant connections to friends and contacts and had a lot of fun!"
  • "Having a confident, friendly Mentor made all the difference on my first day. I appreciated someone giving me the inside information about the University, but told to me in a casual way."
  • "My mentor was friendly and informative. He helped me get a basic understanding of uni live which was a great help. He also showed me around campus including where all my lectures and tutorials were which saved much confusion and frustration."

The best thing about the program was

  • "Meeting people who are good mates now!"
  • "Knowing I had a link with someone who's been through it all before; my mentor's knowledge in terms of transitioning from school to uni was useful."
  • "Being able to ask seemingly stupid questions to mentors and receiving a reasonable and useful response! The day was a lot of fun - good to just hang out with other first years and relax."


You'll find lots more useful information on the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences website If you have any other questions about the program, please send us an email at