Bulletin of Chinese Ceramic Art and Archaeology

15 January, 2014

Dr Baoping Li, ARC Future Fellow in the Asian Studies progam, is a key founding editorial board member of a new journal on Chinese ceramics being launched by Peking (Beijing) University.

Based in the School of Archaeology and Museology, this new biannual journal, whose Chinese title is Taoci kaogu tongxun, will feature articles in diverse disciplines such as history, archaeology, art history, chemical sourcing of trade ceramics and reconstruction of ancient technology, in order to gain insights into Chinese civilization and its interaction with the world through ceramics.

While articles will be primarily in Chinese, English-language contributions will be included, while it is intended that articles on the research or discovery of ceramics will have increasingly detailed abstracts in English. For more information on this new international journal, please follow the link from Baoping Li’s online academic profile.

Contact:Dr Baoping Li
Phone:61 2 9036 5048