Prizes, scholarships and other financial support

Scholarships Office website
The University of Sydney Scholarships Office has information on scholarships offered by the University to all students: current and future; local and international; undergraduate, Honours, postgraduate coursework and research.

Faculty of Arts scholarship information
The Faculty of Arts lists information on Scholarships and Prizes available to students in the Faculty.

Research Office
The Research Office provides information on research funding, including a scholarships bulletin, and links to databases of research grants and scholarships.

Postgraduate Research Support Scheme
The PRSS is a scheme that provides direct support for currently enrolled postgraduate research students. Under the scheme, funds are allocated to Schools or Departments (in some cases Faculties) based on their higher degree research enrolment figures in the previous year. The funds are not allocated directly to the students but are awarded by Schools or Departments to eligible applicants on a competitive basis according to the University's general guidelines. Information about the Postgraduate Research Support Scheme is available on the Scholarships Office website.

In the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the PRSS application process is managed by the Schools. At least one application round will be held every year. For information on application closing dates and to obtain copies of application forms and guidelines visit the School website.

Grants-in-aid Gillian Green Fieldwork Scholarship

Established in 2013 through a donation to the Asian Studies Program by Gillian Green, the Doctoral Fieldwork in Southeast Asia Scholarship supports doctoral students undertaking fieldwork in Southeast Asia, and its associated costs, that relates directly to their research. Click here for the application form (contains full details and conditions).

  1. Eligibility is confined to doctoral students conducting fieldwork in Southeast Asia that is essential to their research.
  2. The award is open to full-time and part-time students from all faculties, but their research must be in the fields of art, architecture and/or visual culture.
  3. Where relevant, applicants must demonstrate that they have approval from the University's Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC), or equivalent, for their intended fieldwork before payment can be received.
  4. The scholarship may be held in conjunction with any other postgraduate award and will be in the form of a travel grant or a grant-in-aid.
  5. The maximum grant amount is $3,000.00

Scholarship Recipients:

  • 2015: Steven Dodds and Natali Pearson
  • 2014: Ivana Prazic and Thienny Lee