SLAM's Brigid Rooney awarded a Thompson Fellowship

By Sarah Taylor

5 August, 2014

Dr Brigid Rooney from the Department of English has been awarded a University of Sydney Thompson Fellowship for 2015.

Congratulations to Dr Brigid Rooney who was awarded the Fellowship for her project 'The Novel and the Suburb in Australia: 1900 to the Present'.

Thompson Fellowships aim to promote and enhance the career of academic women and are named after Isola Florence Thompson, one of the first women graduates of the University.

The Thompson Fellowships recognise that women are significantly under-represented at senior academic levels and aim to specifically offer women, presently at Levels C and D, opportunities to develop and strengthen their research, preparing them to apply for, and assume, roles at Levels D and E in the near future. The Thompson Fellowships provide academic staff with relief from routine teaching and administrative responsibilities, and research only staff with funding to hire technical assistance, for up to two semesters.

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