Postgraduate Studies in Australian Literature

Ian Henderson

“My years spent doing postgraduate research at the University of Sydney were formative in every respect. The depth of experience at the University with regard to supervising research in Australian literature was and is unbeatable; so too the resources available on the doorstep, be it Fisher Library, the State Library of NSW or other archives. In addition, the expertise of the wider University community, and the input of overseas visiting researchers, is invaluable, something that strikes me as increasingly important as the study of Australian literature develops transnational contexts. The University also attracts many excellent postgraduates, and this creates a stimulating cohort of peers for any young researcher. To undertake postgraduate research at the University of Sydney is to face exciting intellectual challenges; to help you meet those challenges, you’ll find yourself in the country’s outstanding research-oriented environment for the study of Australian literature.”
Dr Ian Henderson,
Lecturer, Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, Kings College, London.

Australian Literature is available at postgraduate level, as part of both coursework and research degree programs offered through the Department of English. There are coursework units in English devoted to Australian Literature and others which have a strong Australian component. A range of supervision is available for research degrees in various areas of Australian Literature.