Australian Literature Resources Centre

Resource Centre: Picture of desk, computer, shelves of journals, a door with posters.

The Australian Literature Resources Centre (Rooms N411 and N416) is situated on the top floor of the John Woolley Building (A20). It houses a valuable and useful collection of reference works, books by and about Australian writers, poets, dramatists, essayists and critics, as well as newscutting files and literary journals and honours, MA, and PhD theses in Australian Literature.

There are approximately 1,600 volumes by or about Australian writers, filed alphabetically under the key writer’s name.

Presented in specific categories are approximately 1,400 volumes including Reference Works, Bibliographies, Literary Companions and Histories and books relating to Aboriginal culture, history and writing, Australian history, short story and poetry collections and criticism, theatre, War, queer literary theory, post-colonial writing, cinema, autobiography and women’s writing.

The centre also has a large collection of journals with complete runs of Antipodes, Australian Book Review, Australian Literary Studies, Australian Women’s Book Review, Heat, Hecate, Meanjin, Meridian, Overland, Phoenix Review, Scripsi and Southerly. It maintains subscriptions to current major Australian literary journals and is actively acquiring key Australian films on DVD.

In addition there are unique newscutting files containing, reviews, articles and other loose material relating to an author’s work as well as files on particular subjects such as theatre, Aboriginal culture and writing.

The collection is available for the use of students, staff and visiting scholars working in the field of Australian Literature of Australian Studies.

Contact: Prof. Robert Dixon

Resource Room phone number: + 61 2 9351 6860