Undergraduate Studies in Australian Literature

Why study Australian Literature?

The Australian Literature program offers units of study at 1000, 2000, and 3000 levels. Units of study can be taken as part of a minor in Australian Literature or a major or minor in English, or as stand alone units (electives).

The Australian Literature program places Australian writing, theatre and filmmaking within global contexts, allowing students to explore issues of national and international significance. By introducing and examining some of the innovative and influential works that have shaped Australia’s cultural heritage, the undergraduate program trains students to read works closely and to make sophisticated connections between Australian writing and the wider culture. Australian Literature at the University of Sydney teaches students to express advanced theoretical concepts with clarity and rigour, whilst engaging with the literature and ideas that have contributed to the nation’s distinctive intellectual and artistic formation.

The Australian Literature minor does not prevent students from taking other English units, but it is a named specialisation with potential career benefits.