Honours Program

Photo of Maisie at desk

“Australian Literature Honours 2009 has been the best part of my entire Arts Degree. It is a busy year, but you end up achieving much more than you would have believed possible. The smaller seminars as part of the course work allow more in depth discussion, and writing a thesis gives you the academic freedom to explore any areas that interest you, no matter how mainstream or obscure. One of the most useful experiences I had was the opportunity to work with a supervisor who shared the wealth of their knowledge and experience and guided my research, ensuring my thesis was as strong as possible. My thesis topic was the extraordinary career of a Stanmore-born playwright who worked on the West End and Broadway in the late 19th century and who Oscar Wilde was accused of plagiarising. I have found Australian Literature to be a truly international discipline, and one well worth exploring in the Honours program.”

Maisie Dubosarksy, honours in Australian Literature 2009.

The honours program is a year-long intensive addition to an undergraduate degree program, with a specific focus on the Australian Literature subject area. Students are required to complete coursework as well as a supervised thesis on a topic of their choice relating to Australian Literature.

For entry requirements (including senior undergraduate 'special entry' subjects) see here