Experiment and Innovation: A Workshop with Marsha Rosengarten

This workshop gathers together researchers who are interested in the relationship between experiment, innovation and the practical politics of drug consumption, both regulated and recreational. The workshop is prompted by the visit of Marsha Rosengarten, a leading medical sociologist based at Goldsmiths College London, to the University of Sydney. It will comprise a set of papers exploring the participants’ current research into the global and local politics of public health, HIV/AIDS prevention and drug consumption and incorporating their responses to the recent book by Marsha Rosengarten and Mike Michael, Innovation and Biomedicine: Ethics, Evidence, and Expectation in HIV, Palgrave 2013.



1-1.30  Melinda Cooper Experimental Humanitarianism and Response to Marsha Rosengarten and Mike Michael, Innovation and Biomedicine (2013)
1.30-1.45 Discussion
1.45-2.15 Kane Race Experimenting with Drugs
2.15-2.30 Discussion
2.30-3.00 Dean Walsh Experimenting with Antiretrovirals for Prevention
3.00-3.15 Discussion
3.15-3.45 Sue Kippax and Niamh Stephenson Owning Uganda: HIV prevention before and after PEPFAR
3.45-4.00 Discussion
4.00-5.00 Marsha Rosengarten