Tuesday 23 March, 2010

PARTS (Provision and Acquisition of Reproductive Tissue for Science) International Workshop

stem cell detail

Convenor: Professor Catherine Waldby

The workshop will bring together the researchers working on the ARC-Linkage Project “Human Oöcytes for Stem Cell Research: Donation and Regulation in Australia”, with Professor Erica Haimes, Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences (PEALS) Research Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and other Australian researchers working on reproductive tissue donation. Professor Haimes convenes the newly created PARTS International Research Network, for researchers ranged across the world who are investigating the social, ethical and legal issues that arise from the use of human eggs, embryos, sperm, and fetal tissue, in scientific research. The participants in the workshop are all members of PARTS. The workshop coincides with Professor Haimes research visit to Sydney.

The aim of the workshop is to develop both a specific analysis of reproductive tissue donation as a socio-technical and gendered phenomenon, and also some comparative insights into different tissue types, regulatory systems, and forms of analysis. We hope to explore ways to improve our networks and collaborative potential, as well as draw some substantive (if provisional) conclusions about the specificity of the Australian situation.