Book Series

The following Book Series are edited by members of the Biopolitics of Science network:

Biolegalities: Biology and Law in the 21st Century


This interdisciplinary series on Biolegalities engages with contemporary challenges and implications of new biotechnologies and biological knowledges in the field of law. While the growing scholarship on biopolitics has studied the ways in which such practices are entangled with certain modes of governance and neoliberal economies, their translations, deployments, and reconfigurations in the realm of law or legal practice has been relatively understudied. This book series provides a venue for the study of biolegalities; the complex and often contested ways in which biotechnologies or biological knowledges are reworked by, with, and against legal knowledge.

Sonja van Wichelen, co-editor

Please contact Sonja van Wichelen for information on submission of book proposals,


The following journals are edited by members of the Biopolitics of Science network:

Biosocieties Journal

BioSocieties is concerned with the social, ethical and policy implications of research in life sciences and biomedicine. This journal is an arena in which the work of scientists, social researches and clinicians can interact with the critical scholarship that seeks to interpret their findings

Catherine Waldby, co-editor

The Journal of Cultural Economy
Journal of Cultural Economy

The Journal of Cultural Economy is part of the Culture explores the varieties of material cultural practice which interact to produce the economy and the social. It will offer an interdiscplinary scholarship drawn from across the social sciences and the humanities. It is interested in the 'performativity' of the economy and the social, which actor network theory and science studies have helped establish.

This journal provides a forum for the debates around culture, economy and the social, building on the intellectual energies of Michel Foucault's work on 'governmentality' and the interest of Gilles Deleuze and Pierre Bourdieu's in material cultures of production.

Melinda Cooper, co-editor