Thursday 27 October, 2011

The National Oöcyte Donation Workshop: Human Oöcytes for Stem Cell Research: Donation and Regulation in Australia (invitation only)


Convenors: Prof. Catherine Waldby and Ass Prof. Ian Kerridge

The purpose of the workshop was to disseminate the findings from the research project “Human Oöcytes for Stem Cell Research: Donation and Regulation in Australia” to stakeholders for expert probing and context. This Australian Research Council Linkage Project (LP 0882054), jointly funded by the Australian Research Council and Westmead IVF Clinic, was undertaken from 2008-2011 by Chief Investigators Professor Catherine Waldby, Associate Professor Ian Kerridge and Professor Loane Skene from The University of Melbourne. The postdoctoral fellow working on the project was Dr. Katherine Carroll (now at UTS) and the PhD Candidate was Ms Margaret Boulos.

The presentation of the project findings stimulated a discussion that was very productive for teasing out the different kinds of social dynamics associated with the decision to donate and the kind of rationalities that underpin how people respond to donation situations. The debate was of value to the project, which is focussed on unpacking the dynamics that underpin people’s feelings, understandings and ideas about donation.