Professor Karen Lang

2011 UBEF Visiting Professor of Buddhist Studies
School of Languages and Cultures

Karen Lang is Professor of Indian Religions in the Department of Religious Studies and two-time Director of the Center for South Asian Studies at the University of Virginia. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism and reading courses in Sanskrit, Pāli and Tibetan languages. Her publications include Four Illusions: Candrakīrti’s Advice on the Bodhisattva Path and Āryadeva’s Catuḥśataka: On the Bodhisattva’s Cultivation of Merit and Knowledge, as well as numerous articles on Buddhist philosophy and literature. She has been a member of the translation team that produced the first English translation of Tsongkhapa’s The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment. Her primary research and translation interests focus on the work of the seventh-century Indian Buddhist philosopher, Candrakīrti. She is currently completing a book-length study and translation of chapters 5-8 of Candrakīrti’s Bodhisattvayogacāracatuḥśatakaṭīkā (commentary on Āryadeva’s 400 verses on the Bodhisattva’s practice) titled Seeing Through Illusions: Candrakīrti’s Advice on the Bodhisattva’s Practice of Yoga.

Karen Lang is the third holder of the University Buddhist Education Foundation (UBEF) Visiting Professorship in Buddhist Studies. This Professorship was established at the University of Sydney in 2009 through the generosity of the UBEF for the purpose of sponsoring an extended visit to Sydney of a distinguished international scholar in any field of Buddhist Studies in order to expose students and academics to current trends in research and to raise the profile of Buddhist Studies in Australia. It is administered by the Department of Indian Sub-continental Studies in the School of Languages and Cultures.

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