Welcome to Celtic Studies at the University of Sydney

The Celtic-speaking nations are celebrated the world over for their contributions to cultural life, education, politics and many other aspects of society. Australia owes much to its Celtic connections, past and present. Celtic Studies has been taught in a range of courses at Sydney since the 1960s, with a formal programme established 1986 and the first professor appointed to the Sir Warwick Fairfax Chair of Celtic Studies in 2008. The programme is supported by generous donations from community members and through the work of the Celtic Studies Foundation.

Students joining the programme will find opportunities to study topics ranging across literature, language, history, and archaeology. Celtic Studies presents some exciting opportunities for exchange and study abroad, on Celtic programmes at universities in Europe, and via the Rosemary Samios scholarships for study of Gaelic in Scotland.

The programme also hosts regular lectures and conferences that bring the best of research in the field to Sydney and members of the wider community are invited to engage with us through these events.

Thank you for visiting our site and please contact us if you require further information.

Jonathan Wooding, Sir Warwick Fairfax Professor of Celtic Studies