The Marking Process

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences stands behind its marking process. All care is taken to ensure that marking is consistent and fair and that markers adhere to the assessment criteria as advertised by the Faculty. Marking is regarded as an important part of the teaching and learning experience and markers provide constructive feedback to assist student progress.

Faculty Procedures on student appeals and re-marking

The Faculty respects student's rights to "natural justice". Transparency, lack of bias, and declaration of special interest are tenets that the Faculty endorses as a matter of course and will apply in all cases of appeal against an academic decision.

The first step in an appeal is for the student to contact the department as detailed below.

Appeal at Departmental level

In some rare cases, a student may be of the opinion that the mark does not reflect the quality of his/her work. If the student wishes to lodge an appeal against the grade awarded, the first step is for him/her to contact the Unit of Study Co-ordinator in writing to arrange for a time to discuss the mark. This should normally happen within twenty working days of marks being made available to students. If the Unit of Study Coordinator is not available the student should contact the Chair of Department or Undergraduate Co-ordinator. Normally this consultative process is productive and the student is satisfied with the outcome achieved at this point.

If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the discussion with the coordinator or chair, then he/she may appeal formally against the grade awarded. The student should first read the Academic Board Resolution on Student Appeals Against Academic Decisions and visit the Faculty website for further information and to obtain the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Appeal for Reassessment Form.