All assessment tasks must be completed in order to pass a unit of study; if you do not complete all the stated assessment tasks, you will be awarded an Absent Fail. This includes oral presentations, where these are part of the assessment for a unit of study.

Written work must be submitted in the essay boxes outside the General Office by 5.00 p.m. on the due date. It may on no account be put under lecturers' or tutors' doors. The Department does not accept written work by fax or email (unless email is an express requirement in a unit of study). The Department may accept written work by registered mail, by prior arrangement with the unit of study coordinator. A cover sheet, available from shelves in the central noticeboard area, N335, must be completed and attached to all written work. You are strongly advised to keep a copy of your work for your own records.

Written work must be typed, with double spacing, or legibly hand-written. Leave wide margins for markers' comments.


The Centre for Celtic Studies uses the following marking system:

85-100 High Distinction: work of an exceptional standard
75-84 Distinction: work of a superior standard
65-74 Credit: competent work
50-64 Pass: satisfactory work

Queries about marks for individual assessments should be directed to the coordinator of the unit of study, and after that, if necessary, to the Chair of Department. Enquiries about final results in a unit of study should be directed to the Chair of Department.


You must ensure that your enrolment with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is correct and up to date. All enrolment enquiries must be directed to the Faculty Office. For information regarding last dates for adding a unit of study, for withdrawal, or for discontinuation, consult the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Handbook (available on the Faculty website).


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences policy requires that students attend all classes for the units of study in which they are enrolled. Some units of study in Celtic Studies include a tutorial participation mark as part of the assessment. Please refer to the attendance policy on the faculty website.