The University of Sydney In-Country Chinese Language Programs

at Fudan University and Peking University in China


Opportunities for in-country immersion are integral to the language learning programs offered by the School of Languages and Cultures and students undertaking majors are strongly encouraged to spend time abroad studying in the country of the language they are learning.

The Department of Chinese Studies within the School of Languages and Cultures (SLC), Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, has successfully formed partnerships with two of China’s most prestigious universities: Fudan University in Shanghai and Peking University in Beijing, to establish, develop and deliver a Chinese In-country Study program for undergraduate students at The University of Sydney.

The Program will be managed by the Department of Chinese Studies at the University of Sydney and will be taught by academic staff of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Fudan University (DCLL) and the School of Chinese as a Second Language at Peking University (SCSL).

The framework of the program, including the educational design, teaching material selection and program schedules will be set by the Department of Chinese Studies. All teaching will be subject to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences evaluation and continuous improvement over time.

Unit description

The in-country study programs aim to provide students with opportunities to improve their language skills in the Chinese-speaking environment, enrich their knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and society at first hand, and motivate them to continue to study Chinese language and culture with added interest and prepare for more advanced language studies upon their return to The University of Sydney.

Students will enrol in one of the following in-country units of study: CHNS2650 or CHNS2651 or CHNS2652 or CHNS2653. The specific unit will depend on whether a student has previously completed in-country study in a previous session.

Each unit will comprise a two-hour pre-departure workshop followed by a four-week intensive immersion at either Fudan University or Peking University where students will be placed in classes that reflect their level of language skills from elementary to advanced levels. The intensive language classes will run for four hours daily Monday through Friday for a total of 20 hours per week (80 face-to-face class hours in total). The Chinese language component includes Chinese Reading and Writing, and Chinese Conversation.

Upon successful completion of an in-country unit of study, students will be awarded 6 credit points (for senior language unit) that can be counted toward a major in Chinese Studies or toward their specific Degree.

Eligibility and enrolment procedures

The in-country study programs are open to learners of Chinese as a second language in the Department of Chinese Studies or students from other Faculties/Departments at The University of Sydney, who want to take this in-country language unit as an elective unit. The Department recommends that students complete at least two semesters of junior Chinese language units or have equivalent Chinese language proficiency prior to undertaking the program. In particular, students who have completed CHNS1102 or any senior CHNS language units of study in the following unit codes:

CHNS1102, CHNS2001, CHNS 2002, CHNS2601, CHNS2602, CHNS2611, CHNS2612, CHNS 3601, CHNS3602, CHNS3603, CHNS3604, CHNS3605, CHNS3606, CHNS3611, CHNS3612

Other students’ applications will be assessed case by case. Students from other universities need to enrol in CHNS2650 as a cross-institutional student to join this program. Please contact your own University administration to find out if you are eligible for the OS-HELP loans as a cross-institutional student and apply for cross-institutional study at The University of Sydney. Follow this link for more information.

Students who are interested in this program should check their university emails in the first three weeks of the semester. The Department will run an information session prior to the opening of the registration for each program. Usually, the information session will be held in Week 3. Students enrolled in the Department of Chinese Studies will receive invitations from the Department to attend the information session. Those who are not enrolled in the Department will need to contact the program coordinator to make a request to be included in the email list for the details of the information session.

  1. Generally there are four steps to complete the enrolment procedures
    1. Attend the information session
    2. Pay the registration fee to the School of Languages and Cultures
    3. Complete the registration form and obtain special permission from the Department of Chinese Studies
    4. Enrol on Sydney Student
    Please DO NOT apply for Special Permission on Sydney Student before you attend the Information Session and pay the registration fee. Your application will be declined. Further details of the enrolment procedures will be available at the information session

Further details of the enrolment procedures will be available at the information session.

Proposed program dates for 2018

Fudan University

  • Program dates: Monday 26 November - Friday 21 December (S2CIDE - Session 112)

Peking University

  • July program dates: Monday 2 July - Friday 27 July (S2CIJL - Session 107)
    Nov-Dec program dates: Monday 26 November - Friday 21 December (S2CIDE - Session 112)

Tuition fees and costs

The in-country study programs are offered on a HECS basis. Students will pay for the program in one of the following ways:

  • Local students pay HECS.
  • International students pay the standard international fees set by the University.
  • Non-award students (domestic or international) pay the standard tuition fees set in the Handbook.

Students need to pay their own:

  • Program registration fee $200
  • International airfares, domestic travel if applied
  • Accommodation (100-130 RMB per day per person twin share)
  • Internet fee (100-150 RMB per month)
  • Visa application fees ($98.50 for a single entry visa)
  • Insurance for personal travel if applied
  • Other additional self-incurred expenses in China, eg. meals and incidentals.
  • Allow for a budget of A$60 – A$100 per week.

Pay the registration fee online

Students can pay the registration fee online. In 2018 the registration fee for each program is $200. Please note all the registration fees are non-refundable or transferable. Students are advised to check their eligibility and the deadline before payment. Do not pay the registration fee without attending the information session or meeting the coordinator/administration officer.

Program surveys and pre-departure workshop

As part of the requirements of an in-country unit of study, all students who participate in the program will be required to complete both the pre-departure survey and the post-program survey conducted by the Department of Chinese Studies. Students are also required to attend the pre-departure workshop run by the Department of Chinese Studies. Students will be well informed and advised of the program details and requirements as well as pre-departure preparations.

China Exchange Blog

This blog recounts students’ experiences and their studies during the intensive in-country study programs that have been successfully run by the Department. To catch up on their posts, go to

Contact details

Ms Xiaowei Zhang
In-Country Study Program Coordinator
Room 652, Brennan MacCallum Building
Tel: +61 2 9114 1305