Units of Study

CHNS2650 - Chinese In-Country Study A

Intensive July, 2013  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Dr Wei Wang


Enrolment in an approved semester-based program of study (normally intermediate or advanced Modern Standard Chinese language) at a tertiary institution in China or Taiwan. Students can earn 6 credit points for every 52 hours of Chinese-language class in China or Taiwan, to a maximum of 24 credit points in any one semester. Credit may also be awarded at the rate of 6 credit points per 4 full weeks of intensive study after completion of an approved summer in-country Chinese-language program.


As prescribed by the host institution. On successful completion of this unit of study, students will receive a "Satisfied Requirements" result at the University of Sydney.


CHNS1102 or CHNS1202 (or a sequel within the same stream); or any senior CHNS unit of study whose numeric code has 60 as the second and third digits. Native speakers of Chinese who can read Chinese fluently and seek special permission to undertake in-country study after first year must present a coherent academic rationale to the department.

Assumed Knowledge

At least a year of Modern Standard Chinese at tertiary level (or equivalent). The department recommends that students complete at least two semesters of Chinese prior to undertaking a full semester of in-country study.

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