Units of Study

CHNS4011 - Chinese Honours A

Semester 1, 2011  |  Credit Points: 12

Coordinator: Linda Tsung


The Honours program in Chinese Studies consists of:
1. a long thesis written in English (18000 - 20000 words) and two seminars. The thesis is worth 60% of the final Honours result and the seminars 40% (each seminar 20%) or
2. a short thesis in English (12000 - 15000 words) and three seminars. The thesis is worth 40% of the final Honours result and the seminars 60% (each seminar 20%).
The following seminars are on offer in 2011:
Semester 1: Theory and Method in Asian Studies (Dr Olivier Ansart)
Semester 2: Engaging Asia (Dr Michele Ford) In consultation with the supervisor and with the approval of the Chair of the Department, students can also select seminars from other programs in the Faculty of Arts. The Department also offers joint Honours supervision with other programs.
For more information, contact Dr Yiyan Wang, Chair of Chinese Studies in semester 1 or Dr Linda Tsung, Acting Chair of Chinese Studies in semester 2.


a thesis of 18000-16000 words and two seminars or a thesis of 12000 - 15000 words and three seminars


Two or three seminars, each meets weekly for two hours for one semester


The minimum requirements for admission to Honours are as follows: (1) a major in Chinese Studies plus sufficient additional credit points selected from other China-focused units of study to reach 48 senior credit points; and (2) a Credit average in all qualifying units of study. In addition, ASNS3690, Approaches to Research in Asian Studies is strongly recommended and may be counted towards the required 48 senior credit points by all students except those whose qualifying senior credit points include CHNS2601 (or 2101) and/or CHNS2602 (or 2102). Intending Honours students are advised to take as many senior credit points as possible in Chinese language and China-related subjects.

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