The Centre for International Security Studies

In July 2006 the Centre for International Security Studies (CISS) was established along with the Michael Hintze Chair of International Security to produce innovative research and education programs on the enduring and emerging security challenges facing Australia, the Asia Pacific, and the world.

CISS is organized into four research and teaching areas: biosecurity, geosecurity, infosecurity and global security. In a rapidly changing security environment we expect the unexpected and seek to apply our expertise to unforeseen global events, natural and unnatural disasters, and shocks to international security as they arise. Our research informs and solicits an active engagement with the policy community and public at large.

CISS has three key objectives:

  • To produce cutting-edge academic research by encouraging integrated, multidisciplinary approaches to traditional and emerging challenges to security, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region
  • To develop the next generation of academics and practitioners by providing high quality postgraduate education in international security
  • To broaden and deepen public understanding of the nexus between interstate conflict, transnational forces and human insecurity

Located in the School of Social and Political Sciences, in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney, the Centre's core strength is its interdisciplinary approach to the study of international security. CISS draws on the wide range of skills and expertise available within the Faculty and across the University, including the Faculties of Law, Medicine, and Business and the United States Studies Centre. Partnering with organisations spanning policy, operations and academia, CISS is uniquely positioned to analyse and interpret the strategic implications of world events for governments, businesses and individuals.