Opportunities with CISS

Visiting Scholars and Fellows

CISS collaborates with scholars, researchers and practitioners with diverse areas of expertise. We welcome expressions of interest from researchers and scholars for periods of residence at the Centre.

Please contact to discuss areas of opportunity within the Centre.


An Internship at The Centre for International Security at The University of Sydney provides you with the opportunity to work closely with experts in the Security field and enhance your long-term career prospects.

You will be given the opportunity to work with a member of the CISS staff, as well as participate in CISS activities and in some cases work on jointly producing on-line posts and journal articles. Your activities will be closely tailored to the time you have at your disposal. These internships provide an excellent way of enhancing your CV and can possibly open up career prospects for the future.

Assignments may include drafting posts and writing for online journals such as The Conversation, researching traditional and/or non-traditional security issues, assisting with the preparation of academic publications and other outreach materials, assisting with interactive classes in various CISS Masters units, participating in CISS activities and more.

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Please submit a resume and cover letter indicating the particular aspect(s) of Security that interest you to