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9 August, 2013
4 - 5:30pm

Organised by the People for Nuclear Disarmament (PND), The Medical Association for the Prevention of War (MAPW) and The Human Survival Project (HSP) at CPACS

A critical survey of the continuing threat to human survival of inadvertent or other warfare involving massive nuclear weapons use; the new debate around 'catastrophic consequences' of nuclear weapons, and the new disarmament agenda at the United Nations.


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Peter King, Research Associate in Government and International Relations and former President and Director of CPACS, together with John Hallam of People for Nuclear Disarmament, convene the CPACS/PND 'Human Survival Project'. Both attended the most recent Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Prepcom meeting in Geneva last May. Peter floated there the idea of building anti-nuclear campaigning and theorizing around the (still ever-imminent) danger of human extinction, while John has attended and given panels at UN meetings of First Committee and NPT meetings since 2006, and is partly if not largely responsible for the General Assembly resolution on Operational Readiness of Nuclear Weapons, most recently adopted 161-4 in New York.


Frank Hutchinson is a member of the CPACS Council and the HSP Steering Group. Professor James Der Derian is Director of the Centre for International Security Studies at The University of Sydney and is author of Virtuous War (the book) and Project Z: The Final Global Event (the movie).


The Human Survival Project was launched by Colonel Valery Yarynich, formerly of the Soviet and Russian Strategic Rocket forces, in August 2012. He died in December 2012, but his influence for big power peace and disarmament lingers strongly.


*The Palais des Nations, Geneva

Location: Room 114/CPACS Posters Gallery, Mackie Building, The University of Sydney

Contact:Raelene Loong
Phone: 61 2 9036 9529 (Mon - Wed)

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