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Skyful of Lies and Black Swans: Who Controls Shifting Information Power in Crises?

15 August, 2013
4pm - 6pm

The presentation will focus on the new executive fragilities and policy implications for government ministers, civil servants, defence and security agencies plus corporate institutions and NGO’s from the new matrix of real-time information flows and transparency created especially by the explosion of social media. The new digital connectivity and IT realities are disruptive game changers. They challenge mercilessly the inadequacy of the structures of power to respond both with effective impact and in a timely way. As vulnerabilities increase, mindsets and systemic behaviour lag behind these new realities.

The question is: How prepared are you? How well do you understand the relentless impact on your power of both social media and the new, fast changing public information space?

NIK GOWING has been a main presenter for the BBC’s international 24-hour news channel BBC World News, since 1996. He has presented The Hub with Nik Gowing, BBC World Debates, Dateline London, plus location coverage of major global stories. Mr Gowing has over three decades of reporting experience in diplomacy, defence and international security. He also has a much sought-after analytical expertise on the failures to manage information in the new transparent environments of conflicts, crises, emergencies and times of tension. His “Skyful of Lies and Black Swans” is a peer-reviewed study at Oxford University.

Location: New Law Annexe, Lecture Theatre 026

Contact:Raelene Loong
Phone: 61 2 9036 9529 (Mon - Wed)

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