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CISS Speaker Series: Rebecca Adler-Nissen's "Opting Out of the European Union: Diplomacy, Sovereignty and European Integration"

7 March, 2014
12pm - 2pm

CISS Speaker Series
with Associate Professor Rebecca Adler-Nissen

"Opting Out of the European Union: Diplomacy, Sovereignty and European Integration"

European integration continues to deepen despite major crises and attempts to take back sovereignty. A growing number of member states are reacting to a more constraining EU by negotiating opt-outs. Drawing on new material for a forthcoming book (Cambridge University Press, 2014), Rebecca will discuss how sovereignty works in practice and examine the most controversial cases of differentiated integration: the British and Danish opt-outs from Economic and Monetary Union and European policies on borders, asylum, migration, internal security and justice. Drawing on over one hundred interviews with national representatives and EU officials, Rebecca will show how national representatives manage the stigma of opting out, allowing them to influence even political sensitive areas covered by their opt-outs.

"Developing a political sociology of diplomacy and European integration, I will focus on how everyday negotiations transform national interests into European ideals. It is usually assumed that states opt out to preserve sovereignty, but in my book I show that national opt-outs may actually reinforce the integration process."

Rebecca Adler-Nissen's research focuses on International Relations theory (especially International Political Sociology); diplomacy, sovereignty and European integration as well as fieldwork, participant observation and anthropological methods in IR. Rebecca Adler-Nissen has been a visiting scholar at the Centre for International Peace and Security Studies, McGill University/Université de Montréal and the European University Institute in Florence. She is former Head of Section at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2010-2011).

For more on Rebecca's forthcoming book, click here.


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