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The Quantum Event: War, Diplomacy and Global Media in the 21st Century

7 May, 2013
1pm - 3pm

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 ‘The Quantum Event: War, Diplomacy and Global Media in the 21st Century’

 Professor James Der Derian


As complex networks catalyze local incidents into international crises that appear and disappear on multiple screens at an accelerated pace, a war of spectacles displaces the spectacle of War. Phase-shifting at light speed from states to sub-states, local to global, public to private, organised to chaotic, virtual to real—and back again, war and diplomacy have become effects of the quantum event.

Prof. James Der Derian is Director of the Centre for International Security Studies and the Michael Hintze Chair of International Security Studies at the University of Sydney. He is author most recently of Virtuous War: Mapping the Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network (Routledge, 2nd ed., 2009) and Critical Practices in International Theory (Routledge, 2009), and co-editor with Costas Constantinou of Sustainable Diplomacies (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010). He has produced three film documentaries with Udris Film, Virtual Y2K, After 9/11, and most recently, Human Terrain, which won the Audience Award at the 2009 Festival dei Popoli in Florence and has been an official selection at numerous international film festivals. His most recent documentary, Project Z: The Final Global (co-produced with Phillip Gara), premiered at the 2012 DOK Leipzig Film Festival

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Date: Tuesday, 7th May

Time: 1pm – 3pm

Location: Committee Room/ Chancellery CR 4, University of New South Wales