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CISS Speaker Series: Steve Saideman's "Does Membership Matter? Australia's Non-NATO-ness and the War in Afghanistan"

13 March, 2014
3pm - 5pm

In this presentation, Professor Saideman focuses on a key question that has arisen as the wars of the 21st Century involve both alliance members and “partners.”  In Afghanistan, Australia was a partner in the effort, but not a member of NATO.  Did Australia behave differently due to its different status?  Did New Zealand or Sweden?  By sketching out the basic realities of how countries keep control over their militaries even as they participate in multilateral efforts, he shows that Australia had just a bit more latitude than ordinary NATO members.  He will also argue that Australia was perhaps the most successfully deceptive country operating in Afghanistan, developing a reputation for punching far above its weight even as the Australian effort was among the most risk averse. Dr Saideman concludes with implications for Australia’s future participation in foreign wars and for NATO.

Stephen M. Saideman is the Paterson Chair in International Affairs at Carleton University. His research interests focus on the causes and consequences of intervention into intra-state conflicts. His current work focuses on Canadian and NATO’s efforts in Afghanistan and also on the mobilization of diaspora groups. He teaches courses on Civil-Military Relations and American Foreign and Defence Policy.

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Location: Lecture Theatre 173, Carslaw Building

Contact:Raelene Loong
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