2008 News

Lecturer Tom Wilkins joins CISS staff

CISS is pleased to welcome a new lecturer to its staff. Dr Thomas Wilkins joins us from the University of Salford in the UK where he was a lecturer in International Security. His areas of interest are coalitions and alliances and the security architecture of Asia and the Pacific. He received his PhD from the University of Birmingham, where he wrote on coalition warfare, focussing on a series of historical case studies.

At CISS, Tom will teach two of the core units in our International Security degrees, CISS6002 Strategy and Security in the Asia-Pacific and CISS6001 New Security Challenges as well as coordinate our seminar program. Tom will also supervise research students in the areas of international and Asia-Pacific security, strategic studies, alliances and coalition warfare, and military history.

Christian Enemark awarded ARC Discovery grant

Dr Christian Enemark was awarded a prestigious ARC Discovery grant for a three year project entitled "Infection diseases, security and ethics". He will conduct the research along with co-Chief Investigator Dr Michael Selgelid of ANU. The project will investigate national security and ethical dimensions of government responses to infectious disease outbreaks. Drawing on five contemporary and historical case studies from around the world, Enemark and Selgelid will develop practical policy recommendations for governments seeking to control the spread of infectious diseases while balancing human rights and ethical concerns.

Professor Alan Dupont contributes to Garnaut Climate Change Review

Professor Alan Dupont was commissioned by the Garnaut Climate Change Review to write a report on the national security implications of climate change. Professor Dupont's findings were incorporated into the Garnaut Draft Report, and his complete paper is available on the Garnaut Review website.

CISS students test their international negotiation skills

CISS Students

On 9 May, CISS offered a training workshop to its postgraduate students in international negotiation skills. The workshop began with a brief examination of the theory of international negotiation, followed by the opportunity to put their skills to the test. Using a case study developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project and working in small teams, workshop participants squared off against each other in their quest to secure the optimum outcome for their team. Led by CISS Visiting Research Fellow, Dr Brendan Howe, the workshop enabled students to gain a firsthand view of the unique challenges facing negotiators in the international environment. Dr Howe trained and certified as a Negotiation Workshop Facilitator at the Conflict Management Group, Harvard Negotiation Project, Cambridge, MA.

Alan Dupont delivers inaugural lecture of Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies in Singapore

CISS Director, Alan Dupont

On 6 May, CISS Director Alan Dupont delivered the Inaugural Lecture at the launch of the Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Professor Dupont's address, 'Paradigm Shift: Non-Traditional Challenges to Security', discussed the transnational security challenges and their impact on Asian defence and foreign policies.

For more information about the NTS Centre and its launch, see their website and newsletter

Alan Dupont participates in Prime Minister's Australia 2020 Summit

Alan Dupont in Australia 2020 Summit

CISS Director Professor Alan Dupont served as a delegate to the Australia 2020 Summit convened by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in Canberra on 19 and 20 April. The Summit will brought together 1,000 Australian leaders to explore challenges facing Australia over the next 10 to 15 years and to develop policy proposals to address them. Appointed to the panel discussing 'Australia's future security and prosperity in a rapidly changing region and world', Professor Dupont was selected from more than 8,000 nominations.

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CISS welcomes visiting scholars

During 2008, CISS will host visiting scholars from around the world for periods ranging from one month to one year. Visiting academics will contribute widely to CISS programs, including conducting research, publishing and lecturing.

Dr Brian Rappert joins CISS for the month of February. Dr Rappert is Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Exeter (UK) and is an internationally renowned expert on biological weapons and non-lethal military technology. While at CISS, he will present a paper on Codes of Conduct for Scientists at the symposium 'Biosecurity Challenges for Australia and its Region' at the National Centre for Biosecurity at ANU.

Dr Brendan Howe will spend six months with CISS, conducting collaborative research on foreign policy decision-making in Northeast Asia during periods of crisis. Dr Howe is an Assistant Professor of Diplomacy and Security at the Graduate School of International Studies at Ewha Womans University (South Korea) and Director of its Center for Conflict Resolution. A specialist in Northeast Asian politics and security, Dr Howe's research interests include: the relationship between human rights, state rights and the legitimacy of military intervention in failed states, ethnic and civil conflicts; and cooperation in the Asian security environment. Dr Howe will also contribute to CISS' outreach programs, running seminars and conducting negotiation skills workshops for students.

Dr Kath Fisher is Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at the Graduate College of Management at Southern Cross University. She will conduct a series of workshops for CISS' new PhD students, training them in research management skills.

In addition, CISS is very pleased to welcome two young scholars who will conduct long-term research at the Centre this year.

Ana Paula Maielo Silva is a PhD student at the State University of Campinas in Brazil. She will spend six months with CISS conducting research in support of her PhD thesis on state-building in the Palestinian Territories.

Li Xue is an Assistant Resarcher with the Study Center for Northeast Asia the Jilin Academy of Social Sciences in China. She joins CISS for one year, during which she will conduct a detailed study of Australian-Japanese security cooperation.