Centre for International Security Studies

Analysing international security challenges facing Australia, Asia and the world.

In July 2006 the Centre for International Security Studies (CISS) was established along with the Michael Hintze Chair of International Security to produce innovative research and education programs on the enduring and emerging security challenges facing Australia, the Asia Pacific, and the world.

CISS is organized into four research and teaching areas: biosecurity, geosecurity, infosecurity and global security. In a rapidly changing security environment we expect the unexpected and seek to apply our expertise to unforeseen global events, natural and unnatural disasters, and shocks to international security as they arise. Our research informs and solicits an active engagement with the policy community and public at large.

Read more from the new Director of CISS, James Der Derian, Michael Hintze Chair of International Studies

Latest News

  • James Der Derian to be panel speaker for Thinker's Guide to the 21st Century series

    Professor James Der Derian is to be a panel speaker for the upcoming 'New International Orders' public forum. A part of the 'Thinkers Guide to the 21st Century' series, it will be held on Wednesday 2 August, at 6pm, and will also include Professors Christian Reuss-Smit (Queensland), Anne Orford (Melbourne), and Glenda Sluga (Sydney).

  • Sarah Phillips and Jennifer Hunt explore development and security narratives in Oman

    In their article, ‘”Without Sultan Qaboos, We Would Be Yemen”: The Renaissance Narrative and the Political Settlement in Oman’, Dr Sarah Phillips and Dr Jennifer Hunt examine Oman’s unique developmental trajectory, which has received little scholarly attention to date. Published in the Journal of International Development, this academic article illuminates important distinctions between the Oman and Yemen experience, and is critical reading for those interested in the middle east; or specialists in the fields of conflict management, human security, and political violence.

  • Jingdong Yuan discusses China and the SCO: 'India and Pakistan’s accession is major gain for Beijing'


    Jingdong Yuan, associate professor at the Centre for International Security Studies, continues his work as a visiting scholar at the Mercator Institute for China Studies in Berlin, to explore the dynamics between China, India and Pakistan – particularly in relation to the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

  • Jingdong Yuan writes on Trump's dangerous game with China and North Korea



    Jingdong Yuan, associate professor at the Centre for International Security Studies, is also currently a visiting scholar at the Mercator Institute for China Studies, Berlin. Recently, he wrote an article, entitled ‘Trump plays dangerous game by pressuring China on North Korea’. In his article Yuan explains how the Trump administration is committing a grave mistake by using Taiwan and the South China Sea as bargaining chips to secure China’s help with North Korea. Moreover, Yuan argues that Trump’s transactional approach to security policy risks damaging Sino-US relations at a time of high strategic uncertainty.

  • Iver B. Neumann to visit Sydney next month to present a seminar on Visual Diplomacy

    Professor Iver B Neumann, from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), will present on Visual Diplomacy at a seminer next month, at the Centre for International Security Studies.

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