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New Zealand's China Project Team Visits Sydney

28 May, 2013

CISS staff recently met with senior New Zealand officials working on the “China Project,” a government initiative that takes a long-term look at China’s rise and its implications on New Zealand and the rest of the Asia Pacific region.

NZ China Project Team Meeting

The team came to Sydney to discuss the project with a number of Australian think tanks, and to find out what related work is under way here.


With 2030 as its target year, New Zealand’s China Project aims to forecast scenarios concerning China’s migration, education, financial markets, economy, tourism, security, and defence, as well as its relations with other countries in the region. The project will develop analysis, projections, and policy thinking on the impact of China’s ascendancy, with a particular focus on the role New Zealand will play in the rebalance of global power.


Established within the New Zealand Department of Prime Minister, the project aims to collect input from agencies across government, as well as from businesses and universities.


The delegation to Sydney consisted of:

  • John McArthur, Director, China Project, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Rebekah Mawson, Advisor, China Project, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Pam Dunn, Unit Manager, North Asia Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Moana Pegg, Counsellor, New Zealand High Commission Canberra
  • Jonathon Jones, Policy Adviser, New Zealand Consulate-General Sydney
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