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From War 2.0 to quantum war: the superpositionality of global violence

25 November, 2013

CISS Director and Michael Hintze Chair James Der Derian recently published a journal article in a special issue of the Australian Journal of International Affairs about the digital media revolution and its impact in contemporary conflicts. Read the full article here.

"As information networks catalyse local incidents into international crises, as global events appear and disappear on multiple screens at an accelerated pace and as a war of images displaces the image of war, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand the rapidly changing nature of global violence within the confines of security studies. Phase-shifting with each media intervention from states to sub-states, local to global, public to private, organised to chaotic and virtual to real—and back again—global violence superpositions into a quantum war that requires new transdisciplinary, transnational and transmedial approaches."

To read the full journal article, click here.

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