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CISS Director James Der Derian discusses the crises in Ukraine on Bloomberg's "First Up"

By Raelene Loong

4 March, 2014

James Der Derian, Director of CISS and Michael Hintze Chair of International Security, appeared today (March 4) on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up” with Angie Lau, to discuss the increasing tensions between Russia and the U.S., possible sanctions against Russia and what the next steps could be to end the conflict.

Citing President’s Obama’s claim that ‘Russia did not wish to be on the wrong side of history’, Professor Der Derian invoked earlier wars, including the Crimean War and the First World War, in which world leaders stumbled into conflicts they did not wish for.  History might not repeat itself, but as Mark Twain remarked, it does often rhyme.

See the program here.


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