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Dr. Sarah Phillips' research paper on Somaliland gains positive reviews

By Raelene Loong

2 April, 2014

CISS Senior Lecturer Dr. Sarah Phillips recently published a research paper titled "Political Settlements and State Formation: the Case of Somaliland" has received public attention from the likes of Oxfam

The research paper was produced as part of the Developmental Leadership Program (DLP) in December 2013, following her previous paper on Yemen a few years ago.

Duncan Green, strategic advisor for Oxfam Great Britain has since reviewed Dr. Phillips' paper on Somaliland. "Phillips compares Somaliland v Somalia – while the first has emerged from the  shared chaos of the 1990s (and a brutal effort by Somalia to put down Somaliland separatists) into the sunlit uplands of relative peace and stability (some taxation, rudimentary public services, security, two peaceful presidential transitions through the ballot box, including one to the opposition), the other is the quintessential failed state."

Read Dr. Phillips' paper on Somaliland here, as well as a blog post published shortly after the paper was released titled Somaliland's route to peace.

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