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Dr. Sarah Phillips to present a talk at ANU this week about her research on Somalia/Somaliland

By Raelene Loong

5 May, 2014

CISS Senior Lecturer Dr. Sarah Phillips will be in Canberra this week to present a talk titled "Why war ended in Somaliland but continued in Somalia: A political settlements approach" at the Australian National University

The event will be held at Lecture Theatre 2, Hedley Bull Centre (130), corner of Garran Road and Liversidge Street, at the Australian National University - on Tuesday, 6th of May - 3pm to 4pm.

The case of Somaliland offers insights into why some domestic power struggles – including violent ones – build the foundations for relative political order while others perpetuate cycles of economic malaise and political violence. This session will look at why large-scale violence was resolved in the internationally unrecognised ‘Republic of Somaliland’ but not in the rest of Somalia. It will argue that there were three particularly important factors at play: a domestically-funded peace process that motivated cooperation among elites; Somalilanders' conscious desire for an enclave of peace within the surrounding turmoil; and the fact that there was a history of quality secondary education being available to at least some within Somaliland, which helped to provide critical leadership skills among select elites.

This presentation draws from a longer work that was generously funded by the Developmental Leadership Program: click here

It is now being continued with funding from the Australian Research Council.

Sarah currently holds two Australian Research Council (ARC) grants: one examining state-formation and external finance in Somalia/Somaliland, and the other examining the organisational dynamics of pirate organisations. Her most recent book, ‘Yemen and the Politics of Permanent Crisis’ analyses the nature of the country’s informal institutions amid rapid political and social change.

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