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Prof. James Der Derian interview for RTHK Radio 3 Backchat on "US declares cyber war on China"

21 May, 2014

The radio talk programme will take on the issue of cyber war between the US and China, as US prosecutors have indicted Chinese soldiers for hacking to steal trade secrets. Is it sheer hypocrisy, or is there something beyond these actions?

China has denounced charges brought by the US against five army officers accused of economic cyber-espionage. Beijing said it had "never engaged or participated" in cyber theft and that the charges would damage co-operation between the two countries.

Earlier, US Attorney General Eric Holder said the alleged breaches demanded "an aggressive response". US prosecutors say the officers stole trade secrets and internal documents from five companies and a labour union. But the Chinese foreign ministry urged Washington to "immediately correct its mistakes" and withdraw the charges.

Spokesman Qin Gang, quoted by Xinhua news agency, said the charges were "purely ungrounded and with ulterior purpose". He said China had decided to suspend activities of the US-China Cyber Working Group, which was set up in April 2013. "Given the lack of sincerity on the part of the US to solve issues related to cyber security through dialogue and co-operation, China has decided to suspend activities of the China-US Cyber Working Group," Mr Qin said. China has always insisted that it is itself a victim of cyber theft, wiretapping and surveillance activities by the US.

Other panel discussion guests are:

Ross Feingold, Senior Advisor, DC International Advisory; and Chairman, Asia, Republicans Abroad
Brigadier Christopher Hammerbeck, Executive Director, The British Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong
Matthew Warren, Professor, School of Information and Business Analytics, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University

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