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“Edward Snowden and cyber-zombies”

30 May, 2014

Professor James Der Derian’s article on Edward Snowden and the NSA is in the June–July issue of ABR. In this timely article Der Derian reviews four books, including Luke Harding and Glenn Greenwald’s accounts of Snowden’s defection.


Edward Snowden and cyber-zombies

A host of New Surveillance Dangers

By James Der Derian

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“…One of the most telling NSA PowerPoint slides leaked by Snowden (to documentary film-maker Laura Poitras, who deserves far more credit than she has received in press accounts) and published in Der Spiegel also invokes the famous ‘1984’ Super Bowl advertisement. The first slide is titled ‘iPhone Location Services’; the second one begins, ‘Who knew in 1984 …’; the third continues, with a picture of Steve Jobs holding the new iPhone aloft like a gift of fire from the gods, ‘… that this would be Big Brother ...’ The last slide provides the kicker, photographs of joyous iPhone users and the caption: ‘… and the zombies would be paying customers?’

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