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April 2014
Canberra food hopes require Beijing to give up self-sufficiency dream
March 2014
A rising power looks down under: Chinese perspectives on Australia
January 2014
ISEAS Trends in Southeast Asia Series, 2013 #3: China's Economic Engagement with Southeast Asia: Indonesia
November 2013
Trends in Southeast Asia - China's Economic Engagement with Southeast Asia: Thailand
China–DPRK economic engagement: don’t blame the sunshine
October 2013
Dr. John Lee on ABC News' Business Today
Staff Feature: Dr. Thomas Wilkins explores issues facing the East Asian region today
July 2013
China's Unilateral Sanctions
May 2013
New Zealand's China Project Team Visits Sydney
The peacemaker
Entangled ties: China, India and the new Pacific Century
January 2012
Michael Hintze Energy Security Fellow John Lee discusses Beijing's carbon tax in The Wall Street Journal
CISS Acting Director Jingdong Yuan's analysis of China's Middle East policy in a post-Arab Spring environment